Lianga Water District (LIWAD) Board of Directors passed and approved Policy No. 2013-002 dated: December 6, 2013 “To provide guidelines in the term of office of the Board of Directors set of Officers and Resolve the maximum number of days leave of absence.”Section 2 Scope of Coverage-Election of BOD Set of officers: (1) Any person(s) duly appointed by Honorable Mayor as DIRECTOR of Lianga Water District, representing the sector specified at the appointment papers is qualified for an election as CHAIRMAN, VICE CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY & TREASURER (2)The term of office of CHAIRMAN, VICE CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY & TREASURER SHALL BE GOOD FOR 2 YEARS ONLY (3) Re-election of position mentioned above will not be allowed (4) The scheduled of election will be on the last board meeting on December before the expiration of the term of office.

During Regular Board Meeting on January 9, 2019, the board of directors opened-up the election of new set of officers since the term of Chairperson Editha C. Mosquera, M.D., representing Women Sector already reached to two years. GM Wilfredo G. Sanchez suggested that BODs will decide whether to amend or repeal some provisions of the policy relative to BODs term of office before the election will take place to be safe from LWUA guidelines on appointments. This is because a BODs appointment confirmed by LWUA is the legal basis of COA in the granting of honorarium, in contrary to the appointments issued by the Honorable Mayor.

Members of the board of directors accorded to amend the existing policy on term of office of the BODs and agreed to conduct election of officers upon receiving the confirmation of two BODs appointment. Last April 1, 2019, the appointment of 1 newly appointed and 1 re-appointed Board of Director was approved by LWUA Acting Administrator Jeci A. Lapus. Apparently, on April 17, 2019 the oath of new set of LIWAD BOD officers took before Public Attorney II of Public Attorney’s Office Carol Anne A. General at Lianga Water District office, Annex-A Market Mall, Lianga, Surigao del Sur.